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Hot off the press:

As I've had a lot of time on my hands recently, I've been able to do a great deal of work on my Whole Class Wider Opportunities Course. It's aimed at beginner level (Years 4, 5 and 6) and it now includes full backing tracks for all the pieces, and notation as well as lettered notes. It works best with instruments in Bb, but there is also a version available in C so that that these instruments can play together. It's in the form of a Powerpoint presentation with cool slide transitions and illustrations on each slide.

Get in touch for more information.


Sound Cloud

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Having had some productive conversations with other composers and arrangers recently, notably Michael 'Mac' McDermott, I've now discovered the best and most effective ways of getting sound clips of my works attached to the site for your perusal and enjoyment, and hopefully purchase!

I'm going to do two things: Firstly I'm going to upload a sound clip to each entry on our Music Directory, and I'm also going to add some or all of them to our new Sound Cloud page.

It's going to be a labour of love, however, so bear with me until I sort out all the files - there are hundreds!!

09/10/2014 UPDATE: There are now 50 tracks to listen to on Soundcloud with more to come!


The new, sensible estate car!

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Finally! A little bit of luck has come our way, and with the sale of the very poorly DiWM Van and the Baritone Saxophone, we've managed to put enough money together to buy that sensible estate car after all.

Here's the new DiWM beastie - affectionately known as 'Sandra' to her friends. She's a VW Golf GT TDi 110 Estate and there's bags of room for a BBb Bass, or set of drums, or a set of Wider Opps brass, but probably not all three at the same time!


The Van is Dead - Long Live the Sensible Estate Car!

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Well it had to happen I suppose. We bought the van in 2012 and turned it into a mobile workshop, but after having to spend a small fortune in repairs in the last year, we have finally decided that enough is enouh, and the van is for sale for spares or repairs on Ebay.

Sad really - after thousands of trouble-free miles. First the starter motor and electrical problems, then the fuel pump, followed by the EGR unit, and finally a cracked engine casing under the rocker cover and associated valve issues has sealed it's demise. After spending another £400 having the EGR unit replaced and the head bolts tightened (twice), the van made it to Exeter and back twice before expiring in the most spectacular fashion in clouds of blue and white smoke right outside Honiton Garage that had been repairing it!

That's where is now is, until such time as the Ebay auction ends and someone takes it off our hands.

PS: 18th August 2014: I'm happy to say that the van has found a new home in Cullompton, and will soon be reunited with a replacement engine. Just a small issue: Note to self - abandon van slightly nearer a power source so that an extension lead will reach it and you have some finger nails left after manually picking all the signage off!



For King and Country: Update:

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Remember the 'For King and Country' event I was involved in for The National Trust earlier this year? Well, they've made a short documentary film about it. It's rather good! Fortunately, I only appear in it briefly (and not very spectacularly) but it's me playing 'The Last Post' towards the end of the film. It's well worth a watch, and it's also well worth a visit to Killerton House to see their Field of Ceramic Poppies and the exhibition about how the Great War affected the lives of local people.

Great community event making - here's the links:

For King and Country from Steve Cayley on Vimeo.



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