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The Cherubim Music Trust

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The Cherubim Music Trust (Charity #1088403) owes its existence to Clancy Steer, who founded it in response to her personal experience and keen understanding of the needs of young musicians:

“Our daughter Serafina chose to take up the harp aged seven. To begin with, she had access to a table harp (clarsach) For her first pedal harp we were able to buy an aged Pleyel for £1200. After the VIth form at Chethams Specialist Music School, where she had access to a first-rate concert harp, in 2000 she was due to go to music college and we were faced with buying her a £10,000 instrument. As we had only recently moved house a further loan was out of the question. For us, a genuine fairy godmother provided a suitable instrument, which laid the ground for Serafina’s later successes as a harpist and songwriter.”



By way of gratitude Clancy took steps to create the Cherubim Music Trust to help others in similar situations.

The National Foundation for Youth Music confirms that after years of inadequate funding and the advent of student loans, many talented student musicians do not have the resources to acquire instruments that match their performance needs. The difference in the cost of a good student instrument and that of a professional one is measured in thousands of pounds. Whilst this is not one of the world’s most urgent issues, it is a huge problem for most young musicians starting out in music.

I am delighted to have been asked to promote this wonderful initiative through social media and hope that you will take an interest and spread the word.

John Packer Ltd

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John_Packer_logoSome sad news for you all:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have reluctantly had to resign from my position at John Packer Ltd in Taunton.

Before rumours abound, I have not been sacked - I have had to leave for reasons of which many of you will already be aware.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for the staff at John Packer Ltd., and will continue to promote and support all that they do.

You may well still see me on trade stands at brass band contests - come and say hello!

Premier Resonator drums for sale

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A day tinged with sadness: my cherished Deco Yellow Premier Resonator drums are for sale. I've purchased a new (well 'old' actually - but in mint condition) red lacquer finish set of Premier Resonator drums and I'm delighted with them. So, here's the pics - and note the floor tom has already sold. The sizes are: 10 x 9 and 13 x 10 toms, 14 x 6 snare, 20 x 16 bass drum complete with tom mount.

NB (30th August): All gone! Sobs uncontrollably.


There's also a pair of red lacquer Premier Resonator 14 "tom-toms complete with stand that are surplus to my requirements.

NB: Both red drums now sold 23/08/2016



As Only A Heart Would Dare

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Hot off the press and copyright permissions granted, here's a new one for you. As Only A Heart Would Dare is a song by Susan Aglukark - an Inuit Canadian singer/songwriter from her hit album 'Blood Red Earth'- which combines her original melody with that of 'Amazing Grace'.

With a lovely harmonic structure that works with both tunes, this piece is a brilliant addition to your band's concert repertoire, and would be a welcome addition to an 'Entertainment Contest' programme.

Existing music from MF Publications

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Just saying, but check out some the new printed covers from MF Publications on my existing arrangements! Several new ones coming out in 2016 - watch this space!

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