Dance is With Music

Welcome – and thanks for visiting my website.

Here at Dance is With Music, I aim to provide a complete and professional music writing and publishing service for all musical ensembles. The business name is a play on words from the famous film title ‘Dances with Wolves’ – and I have my brother Kevin to thank for it. My original works and arrangements are published by Musikverlag Frank in Switzerland, and I also provide a  transcription service for them.  Those works not so published are now published on this site from my shop

I also have a wealth of other pieces I’ve arranged for individual bands on request but am unable to publish due to copyright constraints.

Colin performs widely on EEb tuba and on percussion for brass and wind bands, other wind ensembles and orchestras, as well as playing in show orchestras and accompanying community choirs.

Dance is With Music also offer a brass and percussion instrument repair and maintenance service, and can provide on request an inventory and estimated value of all your ensemble’s instruments. I maintain sets of instruments which are privately owned by individual schools, and also help to maintain the huge stock of brass instruments held by the Devon Music Education Hub when required.

Colin is a subscriber member of NAMIR – the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers, and is also the Editor of the ‘Intrepid Repairer‘ magazine – their quarterly members publication.

Just one small detail not mentioned above in case you are among the many who have asked: we don’t do discos. It’s ‘Dance’ by name only!

Please take a couple of minutes to browse through the pages of our website for more information about us and what we offer, or feel free to visit us at any of these social media pages or websites: